Small pixel vs large pixel sensor performance

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Re: Is A7r vs A7s a "real world case study" of this issue?

cainn24 wrote:
...and the ensuing discussion is fascinating. Thank you all.

Agree, although much was "over my head".

It seems that the A7r vs A7s is a real world case study of "large" vs "small" pixels. My understanding is that the sensor technology is pretty close, so the "degree of freedom" is pixel size.

Or not? The 36 mpx sensor has been out for several years now.

My less-than-informed speculation is that for stills, using tripod, high-end lens, and excellent technique ...

  • the A7r would be preferred 95% of the time
  • the A7r would tend to have better overall IQ (whatever than means) at low and medium ISO
  • the A7r would tend to have nearly as good overall IQ at high ISO, to the limit of native ISO's that the A7r has
  • the A7s might tend to be preferred at really, really high ISO above what native ISO the A7r has
  • hand-held in dim light, such as indoor sports, might favor the A7s, although continuous shutter speed might be inadequate

I'm also less-than-informed about video, but my impression is that the A7s advantage might be much more significant for video.

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