Aperture ending - blessing in disguise?

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Re: Aperture ending - blessing in disguise?

I'm processing my first big job in LR having dabbled in it until now and having been an Aperture user since day 1.

Things that I can't do in LR (correct me if I'm wrong please, I'm a semi new user to LR). This is not meant to be an end-all, be-all analysis, just some impressions so far:

  • I can't duplicate adjustments, e.g. I often dupe the curves adjustment and have two -  I can in Aperture.  In Aperture, any adjustment could be duplicated and used again. For instance you could have 5 or 6 curves adjustments if you like, and they could be full image or local adjustments.
  • I can't use the brush tool on any adjustment, only in the set of adjustments offered in the loacl adjustments area. In Aperture I could use the brush anywhere (except in the raw adjustments panel)
  • Aperture had a nice skin smoothing tool, in LR I've been using negative clarity and negative sharpness, brushed on, to approximate the same thing.  I think this is probably the best way, not sure.
  • Blur tool. LR equiv is what, negative sharpening?
  • color panel has no eye-dropper to select a color form the image itself.

What I like about LR so far

  • perspective correction (didn't exist in Aperture)
  • split toning adjustment
  • clarity adjustment is nice
  • sharpening is better
  • noise reduction is better

What I don't like so far:

  • speed, it's slower on my Mac for sure
  • in color adjustments, there's no eye-dropper to select a color from image (as stated above)
  • inability to duplicate adjustments
  • inability to brush on curves adjustment
  • the "Library" vs "Develop" thing. Aperture was much cleaner and less kludgy here
  • overall interface, LR seems "designed by committee" , kind of a swiss-army knife approach.... vs Aperture's more thoughtful and efficient design. I may change my opinion on this as time goes on with more experience.
  • the email image function doesn't use the native (Mac in my case) email app.

Capture One Pro is another one to evaluate. I have it and generally like it (the adjustment layers are very, very nice) but I think it needs a version 8 to include better integration with 3rd party tools and things like email and such.

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