Costco bundling XE-2, I think its great for Mirrorless.

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Re: It's not about the price

phazelag wrote:

Its in the link. The price isn't amazing but costco moves products.

Is it visible to you because you are a member?

It's $1899. And yes costco is a membership that's the whole point of it. But the likely sell as many DSLRs or more than best buy. This thread isn't about the price. It's that mirror less cameras are part of a system the moves higher end products and creates market share for them like no other store.

Costco is the number 1 fine wine and alcohol buyer and seller in the world now by a huge margin. And every few weeks the move pallets of D7100s, 70ds,d5300s and so on. And I live I a small town with not a lot of money.

It's not about the best price it's about mirror less getting a mainstream footprint. You can't even buy these in best buy.

Fair enough. I did not understand what you were saying about the deal. I think you're right. A Fuji X bundle in a mainstream store is a big issue. Hopefully they will shift a few.

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