Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing

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Re: Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing

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Having had the X-s1 for sometime I also agree the highlights are terrible.

Ive also found that if you repeatably half press the shutter button while in average metering the camera varies the exposure intermittently should you take the shot

Do you ever use spot metering or DR bracketing? I've found this camera gives me better control over highlights than my Canon SX40 (or briefly used SX50) did. I'm also experimenting with RAW which is so easy with the in-camera conversion and adjustment.

For under $350, I think the X-S1 is pretty amazing although I'm 100% certain that in spite of a lot of experimenting with setting, I could get much better results if I still knew more.

I'm not sure why this thread keeps getting bumped every month or so, but I -do- like to be reminded of that series of photos a bit above my post, showing just -some- of the range of things a camera like this can do. The other day I took out my old Canon A-1. It was bulkier and weighed more with only half as much zoom and no macro or video or (...on and on) capabilities, I appreciate growing up in the days of film cameras. It's still stunning to me what we're able to do for so little cost (and with so much easy creative control) now. (And the array of cameras available to consumers--it's too much, imo--lol-- but I still marvel at it.)

The average person takes photographs that are so superior (speaking about artistically/photographically) to the "old days" for most hobbyists with film--and so cheaply.

Reading complaints about the limitations of the X-S1--which, imo, like most bridge cams is just amazing consumer equipment to be available for under $350--well, I guess I'm just getting old, because I don't get it.


Yes of course i use other metering, bracketing and Raw. But if the metering varies every time you press the shutter, do you just put up with it like a fool?

If you purchase a new car with one door that wont open, do you say...Oh nevermind it was a decent price and Ive got another three??

The thread keeps appearing because its a good title.

No. I lock it.

You obviously miss the issue I have raised.

because the fault doesn't appear to have been caused by the X-S1 but by the way it was used. The OP's X-S1 photos were posted Feb. 2012. They've since been removed from his gallery so there's no way to check the dynamic range settings, but even if DR 1600% was used or a modern DSLR or m4/3 camera, that scene probably would have been a challenge for their better DR.

A year later the OP apparently learned something about choosing less challenging scenes and choosing better camera settings because his FZ200 and HS35 photos of waterfowl turned out much better.

FWIW I just tested my X-S1 shooting hand held using Spot, Average and Multi metering with Aperture priority and it was extremely consistent. As long as I didn't move the focus point very far, it tended to produce shutter speeds that rarely varied with many stretches of ten or more identical shutter speeds. And when it did vary, it was often from 1/420 to 1/400. I could get the shutter speed to dip down to about 1/250 or up to about 1/900 but that only happened when I intentionally moved the focus point slightly, and not by a great amount. That's how most of my cameras behave and the X-S1 isn't an exception, although Multi/Matrix metering can often vary more than spot and average.

If the thread title is good, that's only in the sense that it attracts readers, many of whom probably want to see if there's something they weren't aware of about the X-S1, not in the sense that the OP had a valid complaint. Remember "Death Panels" and other similarly eye-catching political talking point titles?

OK lets try to clarify this.

The thread title ("Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing") isn't misleading as it fits my feeling exactly.

Now for me not being able to work the camera is somewhat of a silly reply as I'm only pressing the shutter button. Camera is tripod mounted and nothing else is touched.

See below

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