Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

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Re: Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

rwbaron wrote:

Excuse my ignorance but what's a "D.P" and a "First A.D"?

Frankly, being "Cine Gear" makes your story more of a concern as I believe that expo is heavily biased toward digital video for motion picture, television, etc. Doesn't say much for us dedicated still photog's.


Hah! My bad - it's not ignorance on your part, just a decade of me living in Los Angeles has made me forget that not everyone speaks film-jargon

D.P. = Director of Photography, and First AD = 1st Assistant Director - basically the guy on set in charge of everything so that the director can focus on the shots and the actors.

And you're right - my impression from his story and from it being at CineGear was that it was very much a film-centric camera, whether the 7d ii (which would make sense, since that was the first Canon camera post 5d ii that they really sold as a videographer's tool), or something along the lines of a 5diii/7d hybrid, I'm not sure.

Again, all of this with a grain of salt, since there's nothing official out in public, is exciting nonetheless (unless you're STRICTLY a stills shooter, though a new sensor would still be good news, I'm guessing).


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