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awaldram wrote:


jay_akita wrote:

Tom Lusk wrote:

by 600mm the lens isn't especially sharp at all

That statement plus the ample supply of PF noted, is enough to turn me off this lens.

A quality xmm-400mm zoom lens with a matched TC would possibly do better.

There are many real world examples that would suggest otherwise - especially stopped down a bit. Excellent bokeh to boot. First link especially has some phenomenal shots @ 600mm.






The belief required to see a consumer lens as some kind of secret gem is IMO quite astounding

The Tamron may or may not outperform the Bigma at the long end but either way it is no confirmation of quality as neither rate that highly.

The Sigma 500mm f4.5 and a decent 1.4 converter will easily deliver higher IQ shots for equal aperture and greater length.

It seem to me though a decent addition to Tamrons lens options the reality is it no great shakes being unavailable for pentax as other available solutions match or better this lens even for the same price.

Rather something like the Sigma 120-300 f2.8 in K mount woudl give petatxians other shooting avenues that the Tammy 150-600 just won't

What secret?  This lens has been backordered since the day it was announced and people are waiting months to receive their copy.

I think the real secret gem is your "other available solutions" that can match or better this lens for the same price.

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