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jay_akita wrote:

Tom Lusk wrote:

by 600mm the lens isn't especially sharp at all

That statement plus the ample supply of PF noted, is enough to turn me off this lens.

A quality xmm-400mm zoom lens with a matched TC would possibly do better.

There are many real world examples that would suggest otherwise - especially stopped down a bit. Excellent bokeh to boot. First link especially has some phenomenal shots @ 600mm.






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These photo-reviews say more about this lens than any formal lab results ever will, the first link in India is particularly stunning and shows the lens is capable of truly top flight work, let's cross our fingers and hope Tamron bring this lens out in the Pentax bayonet

Thanks for the links Jay.

Dave's clichés

No problem.  It seems there may be some caveats to AF with this lens on a Canon depending on camera model (I've read they've been fixed with a lens FW update) but when it comes to IQ IMO the first link says it all.

Personally, if had a 500mm prime and was able to get photos as good as the 600mm photos in the first link I would be thrilled but could never justify the cost.  Or the size penalty for lugging around such a specialty lens (I'm not a birder but am always disappointed when I spot some cool wildlife and don't have a super telephoto to capture it).  I could see throwing the 150-600 in the car every time I venture out of the city and even taking it along on day hikes.  I think it'd be pretty fun taking landscape photos at the long end taking advantage of the extremely narrow field of view.

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