Aperture Newbie question (with great timing)

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Mark Alan Thomas
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Re: Aperture Newbie question (with great timing)

Steven Wandy wrote:

Mark Alan Thomas wrote:

historianx wrote:

That would be yes, RAW updates are part of OSX. Also people are freaking out way too early here. You'll be able to use Aperture for a long time down the road, like I continue to use iWeb just fine here with Mavericks. Plus the latest Pixelmator is 16-bit, so I'm set without having to get anywhere near the Adobe cloud.

And Im actually interested in what this Photos has to offer. I refuse to sell my soul to Adobe.

The problem with this strategy is that Aperture users are in a hole now. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Not until we find out exactly what Photos can and cannot do. So unless you have a secret pipeline into Apple and can tell us exactly that, I don't understand all the unnecessary pessimism. Is your version of Aperture suddenly not working? I know that mine still works fine.

Good luck with that.

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