SR, something to ponder.

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SR, something to ponder.

Hi folks,

We know that if SR is turned on (K30, K-50, K-5 II, K-5 IIs, and K-3) and the SR ICON comes on after half-pressing the shutter button, then if we move the lens quickly in any direction that the SR ICON turns off. So, I did a little testing using a Pentax K-5 IIs + DA*300/4 lens, SR turned On, AF-C, Expanded Area AF, continuous shooting set to HI.

Test #1: Half-press the shutter button until you get the SR ICON turned on, take the first image, then immediately begin shaking the heck out of the camera (I mean really shake that sucker so fast that there is no way that the SR ICON could remain on) as you continue to hold the shutter button fully pressed. I took nine images this way. Of course the only image that was any good was the first image. PhotoMe told me that SR was on and Stabilized for all nine images.

Test #2: Half-press the shutter button until you get the SR ICON turned on, do not take that image but as you are half-pressing the shutter button begin to shake the heck out of the camera as you fully press the shutter. I took nine images this way. PhotoMe told me that none of the images had SR stabilized.

The only difference between Test #1 and Test #2 is that in Test #1 I took the first image while the camera was not shaking like crazy.

What does this all mean? I have no damn idea!!!!! I am still pondering it.


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