Escape from iPhoto/Aperture: preserving metadata?

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Re: Escape from iPhoto/Aperture: preserving metadata?

I start by assuming we're just talking about limited metadata, like description, keyword, GPS, file names. Faces don't seem to export, and of course edits don't, except as a jpg, tiif or other completely new file. That's a problem with Aperture as well. Or even going the other direction.

So lets stick to keywords, GPS and filenames, since I know iPhoto can export that.

First, RAWs. What I have done is use iPhoto to make small jpgs, which I essentially use as if they were RAW+JPG pairs, essentially using the JPG as a sidecar to contain keywords, GPS, and description.

I export from iPhoto so as to leave the newly created JPG in the same folder as the RAW. Then import into LR. Then use a preset to copy the data from that JPG to the RAW, and have LR save it, which means LR is gonna write it to a sidecar XMP. Then I can delete the JPG. There are various tools to do this kind of stuff in batches; I haven't had the need. One tip, though, is to assign a Mavericks tag to the files you export in case you need to find a bunch of them in the Finder should you do an oopsie and export to the wrong folder, etc.

You can even export in place if you're referenced photos, just make sure you're careful about overwriting. And one cool thing about LR is that it's easy to delete the FINDER folder and contents right within LR. And if you're using referenced photos iPhoto can still use them; you just do another export into the same folder and then use "Synchronize Folder" within LR to import or update the metadata.

And you could also go from JPG to exported JPG as a sorta sidecar as well, just make sure to append a -1 or something to the file names so they're together and don't delete the wrong ones. Or export originals (I think that's an option in iPhoto).

Aperture has the ability to write XMP files on export, and they're obviously smaller, but it's also a pain.

And I wish someone had a tool that could simply extract even just keywords from iPhoto, but I've never found one.

Good luck,


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