Image quality: DP2m vs. DP2q

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Re: Image quality: DP2m vs. DP2q

A little bit better than I expected but I'm not interested in resolution.  I just want to know whether or not the Quattro has that "Foveon look" using the LOW res mode.

maceoQ wrote:

Some 100% crops "stolen" from these two images (DP2m vs. DP2q)
Merrill -
Quattro -

left side: DP2 Merrill, right side: DP2 quattro

-Quattro has slightly more resolution (as expected)

-DP2 Merrill has more micro contrast

-DP2 quattro looks a little bit smoother with less texture. (some would say "more bayerish")

-No visible improvement at low ISO noise (ISO100)

-DP2 quattro looks more saturated, peoples faces/skin tones look much more natural

-DP2 quattro: no improvement for "color blotching"

What do you think?

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