Image quality: DP2m vs. DP2q

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Re: Image quality: DP2m vs. DP2q

mike earussi wrote:

Based on Maro's pictures, the Quattro looses all the fine subtleties of tonality that is found everywhere in the Merrill. I've been comparing Maro's two paired shots at f5.6, and after uprezzing the Merrill to match the same size as the Quattro, not only is the Merrill sharper in the corners, but if you check the roads and parking lot surface for detail you can see much more information in the Merrill. So unless Maro did something wrong in his processing what we have is a 5mp sensor blown up a 20mp size, where the only evidence of the "higher" resolution of the Quattro is in the larger details. Here's what I'm talking about:

much finer detail in the road from the Merrill

observe the gravel alley

big difference in parking lot detail

brick detail

So for those of you who find the Merrill too "harsh" in its rendering, well here's the chip for you. But for me, if I wanted the soft fuzzy look I would just buy a Bayer. My love of the Foveon chip is precisely because it brings out the micro details and contrast that Bayer chips cover up, but YMMV.

I think the Quattro chip is a good example of what happens when a company listens more to their marketing people instead of to photographers who actually use their cameras. I personally don't like what I've seen from the chip so far, and if this is the best it can do I certainly won't be buying one. Thankfully Merrills are still available (for the present).

That was the problem, not many photographers were using their cameras.

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