Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

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Re: OK, Karl, now back it up with examples

Jerry-astro wrote:
and am having a lot of trouble finding these "horrible artifacts" that you refer to.

It's about the aliasing, lack of proper demosaicing algorithms (again Fuji has detached themselves from the main stream software development for no benefit at all) and lack of spatial resolution in the red and blue channel as the irregular gaps due to the XTrans arrangement are a hurdle for a decent edge detecting demosaicing to close them.
There may not be a classical moiree problem but the green channel exhibits quite a lot of aliasing and if your patterns are not aligning properly with their filter array (contrary to their example) like in feather or fur structures then the aliasing along the edges will drive me nuts... I tried to see if that development is worthwhile but unless the sensor in a 7DII is in excess of 100Mp then the XTrans has too big deficits to be useful...
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