Just got an EM5

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Just got an EM5

My Screen-smashed EM5 arrived this morning so thought I`d post my first findings .. It`s been a while since I`ve handled one and my friend came up with her G3 and necessary 14mm F2.5 to test it with ..

1st off the cam is totally MINT but screen is dead, the panel inside is cracked (not the glass too amazingly) and there`s nothing, no backlight or no garbled text (touch operation works though you can't see what you`re doing) ) and as the OMD doesn't allow the cam to be used on EVF only like most cams do, I had to set it up using the AV out on the TV set .. it had FW 1.5 so updating to V2 was part guesswork (as the USB and AV share the same port and the HDMI port is non-standard) but successful - I wanted to do this to gain access to the small AF point ability .. I`ll be sending the cam to Oly for repair rather than DIY this time .

to get the Shutter shock thing out of the way (100th sec) - I compared the feel of the shutter to the G3 - the OMD definitely is more percussive in feel, the G3 is louder but a lot less is felt through the body - the OMD reminds me of the Oly Pens I`ve had / used. the sound is more muted but can be felt very noticeably (as did the EM10 I tried) . the first shots I took showed some SS the second batch there was none as I held the body tighter and to my eye properly . None whatsoever with the G3 regardless of holding sloppiness ..

Onto the cam .. What a lovely device !, on comparing , it`s actually Smaller than the tiny G3 overall (the EVF doesn`t jut out as much and the rest is much the same size) the dials feel better than the EM10 I briefly tried a few days back, I actually prefer the squidgy weather proof buttons and the whole cam feels more "Real OM" than the EM10 , most of that is probably the metal "pent" hump compared to the plastic popup flash and the quality of the dials - the difference reminds me of comparing an OM2N to an OM10 in the 80s . This is a very nice tool indeed and it`ll be a joy shooting with it , moreso than any other mirrorless I`ve had such as the NX series, NEX5/5N/7, EP1/EPL2 Panny G1/2 , GH1/2, EOS-M etc. I`ve used the Fuji XT1 which is the nicest but I prefer the EM5 to the XE1 I picked up for my Cousin a month or so ago (the Dire AF on that didn`t help though)

AF is faster than I thought it would be, not sure if its as fast as the G3 but doesn't feel far off if its not .

Did my ISO ladder outside using the garden scene and I`m well impressed with the JPG engine at higher ISOs with NR on "Off" (off = quite a lot as usual) and at low ISOs looks as nice as the original EP1 (nicer than the EPL1&2 colour wise) . in RAW doesn`t look much different to the G3 in capture one though I have to say that I`m well impressed at ISO3200/6400 for a M43 sensor - it`s competitive with APS-C , doesn`t look any noisier than the 16Mp NEX5N on first inspection..

Conclusion - very nice indeed as most of you will know ........  I`m getting my own 14mm Panny prime (my orig perfect one back of the guy I sold it to in 2011 !! - I rang him on the offchance and  he`s not used it much so letting it go) I`ll probably get the much-hated Oly 12-50 too for the weathersealing and macro ability alone , I can lend it to herself for Video too if needed (it`s a PZ) .

1st thing to do is get it fixed, the LCD is more needed than with Fuji and Panny cameras , having to use a 48" TV to set the menus is a pain ......

I kept the metal hood when I sold my copy of this lens so fitted it for this pic

OMD EM5 looking serious with Leica-esque metal hood on the 14 prime

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