Su Su the talking Cat

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Su Su the talking Cat


Su Su is a rather Aristocratic Maine Coon cat. His real name printed on his pedigree says he is called Supreme Von Gobbliness. He comes from Prussia in Germany. He shows his superior breeding by banging on the wall in the middle of the night when he wants to drink from the bath tap and one of us poor serfs has to get up and satisfy his will.

Su Su has also learnt to talk and as we both love photography the conversation often turns to cameras whilst I am giving him some Wiskas.

I have to be careful what I say. The time I spoke badly of the Leica M8 out of patriotic pride he dug his teeth so far into my hand that I had to go the “Pronto Soccorso”  to get the wound sorted out.

Unfortunately the other day we found ourselves on the subject of “shutter shake”. I quickly put on some thick leather gloves to avoid a replay of the Leica incident.

He told me that he had it on the best authority from something he read on the web that most M43 cameras are unusable due to vibrations that are set off when the shutter opens and closes.  He looked at My EM5 and told me that due to the lack of a firmware update it was one of the worst offenders.

Now the EM5 is a camera that I have been happily using for over a year now. I have printed up to A3 and found the quality to be perfect, with not a sign of blurring even though I have lots of different lenses.

Aktung Aktung he retorted you obviously can’t see properly. I read it so it must be true.

But I stuttered “ the EM5 is perfect for my long hikes in the mountains, perfect for the hot Italian summer.”   In a gruff voice he retorted. “Nien Nein Its back to the D300 with those two heavy 2.8 professional zooms for you if you want to be seen out and about with me”.

“Oh  well your honour if you say so it must be the right thing to do. “

PS He really was born in Germany

You will do as I say

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