MBP battery over heating

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Re: MBP battery over heating

JulesJ wrote:

Richard wrote:

We have had some debates over mac Jules and one of the biggest arguments is that mac is better quality. I have laptops from the late 90's that still work. Double the price does not mean better quality as you and some others here with the same problem.

Don't get me wrong. I know any electronics could have problems but I have seen a lot of macs have this on other problems but mac heads still say they are better quality and they are not, they are built in the same Chinese manufacturing plants in china.

But understanding how batteries work. Leave the battery out always, then only but it back when you need to charge and use the battery. That will save the life of the battery by not being charged when it is not needed being charged when it is above 80 percent, being overcharged when it is not needed.

JulesJ wrote:

This is the second time the battery in my 2007 MBP has over heated and expanded. The first time, a couple of years ago Apple gave me a new one free. Yesterday they would't and it cost me £109


Im not going to argue with you Richard,

Ah come on... who are you and where is Jules..

But I agree that it is ot a good idea to leave the power supply plugged in and on all the time when the laptop is not in use which for me is most of the time.

That might works, but batteries discharge over time. Even plugged in once the charge drops below a certain point I would expect the laptop to charge.

To me after seeing the picture, the laptop presents a danger to my household. It could melt down and catch fire and burn down the house with the family in it. I would not risk it. If it were a pc I would put it out to pasture or never put another battery in it.

Good luck to you. It is always sad to have to put your laptop down whether it be for defect or because new over time replaces old.

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