Is This (M+22mm) My Travel Camera?

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Re: Is This (M+22mm) My Travel Camera?

cedrec wrote:

keeponkeepingon wrote:

I've got the NEX-3n with the 16-50mm and the EOS-M with the 22mm.

I like them both but I most often carry my EOS-M

22mm (35mm FF equiv) is a great focal length. I ended up with the M because I could not find anything similar on the Sony for the price of my M.

The EOS-M with the 22mm is more compact than the NEX with the 16-50mm. I use a Dash 20 bag with both and getting the NEX out is a two handed affair but the EOS-M slides out so easily I can get it out of the bag with one hand.
The 22mm IQ is much better than the sony 16-50. I know it's comparing apples and oranges (prime versus zoom) but in this case it's comparing apples and a putrid gross rotting orange. That said I love the flexiblilty of 16-50, it's a great idea just a really bad implementation.

I like having sweep panorama on the NEX but it's a really clunky implementation prone to errors or outright failing. My iphone 5s nails a lot of panoramas that the NEX chokes on.

Thanks for the quick review. I used to have a NEX 5n a few years ago, but sold it before the newer generation lenses started to come out. I had the 16mm pancake (noticeably soft in the corners, but just too wide for most work), the standard kit zoom (just too bulky, had "issues" with IQ) and the 18-200 superzoom (I liked the IQ, but the lens was way too big for most work). I'd have thought that their newer lenses might follow in the footsteps of the 24mm "Zeiss" and have better IQ, but it sounds like that's not necessarily the case. I've thought about picking up a used NEX 3 for the nickels they're going for used right now just so I could use that pancake zoom on a compact mirrorless, but now I'm definitely not so sure.

I do want something compact that's a little longer for the EOS-M, though. The '33mm FF equivalent FOV' that the EF-M 22mm f/2 lens provides is certainly versatile, but I really wish it had a '45-50mm FF equivalent FOV' if this were to be my only lens for this camera. I often have trouble getting close enough to subjects to make the wide angle really work for me all the time.

If you nail the shutters speed with 18mp it's amazing how much you can crop the 22mm picts.
I have the 30mm F1.4 and even that's too tight for me when I'm indoors. On my P&S cameras, in the house they normally must sit at 24mm so the 16mm on the 16-50 felt natural to me, and I really like the size and flexibility of that lens I just wish the IQ was a bit better (and of course faster)
I'm dragging my feet on expanding my EOS-M kit.  I want to see if Canon does anything with the M or their APS-C sensors.  In my perfect world Canon announces a 7D MK II this summer with a fantastic new sensor and migrates that down to the lower end bodies over the next year.
The EOS-M is crazy challenging with  sports.  When the price comes down a bit I'm really tempted by the A6000 but then again the lenses are gimping that platform (for sports) as Sony does not have any F2.8 zooms. In all fairness I can't afford the canon F2.8 zooms but not having that option sort of galls me.

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