Confirmation of the new D800

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Re: Confirmation of the new D800

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

frenchy01 wrote:

Well, I have a friend (not a beginner) who just bought a new D800 and he is struggling with the AF (on all lenses he is using). Not sure all the issues are solved...

Fyi, he bought the D800 after he had one on a loaner for one month (because his other camera was in repair) and he was very pleased and enthusiastic over the performance (quality and AF). Seems there are still some good and some bad D800's...


That is an anecdote. Says nothing about the D800 AF, which if he is experienced, he should be able to work successfully. Perhaps he's adjusting to the high-res for the first time?

I am always surprised by all those people who, having a good working D800, put others problems with the camera on incompetency. My friend is a beginner with Nikon and made several mistakes during our trip in China, but those account for 20% of the problems not more. And yes, he knows how to and did AF-tune the 70-200mm f/2.8 he struggled with during the trip. And yes, he is used to high-res, having owned an 18Mpix Canon 7D which has a higher pixel density than the D800. And again, he used a D800 during one month with a sigma 120-300mm f2.8 and was really blown away by the quality...and he knows what image quality is, as he is working for a graphics company (making inkjet printers).

I always marvel at the guys who struggle with AF testing and AF tuning on a D800, yet never delved into this area on any of their previous cameras. Then they come up with all kinds of unfactual conclusions because they've never done this kind of in-depth analysis before and don't have good technique from which to form those conclusions. How about this, was your friend already familiar with AF fine tune and optimizing all his lenses on his previous cameras? If he wasn't already an experienced user in this regard, personally I don't think his experience holds much weight for you to draw a conclusion.

Are you taking over Leonard's crusade (next step beeing criticising the AF target)?  However I agree with you on the fact that this step is critical to achieve the optimum quality (and it can be time consuming, from target choice to good lighting of the target to evaluation of the best focus...; must also say that I do not understand why Nikon is not providing an approved target...). My own D800 (first batch) had the left AF issue (successfully repaired by Nikon), I did spend quite some time in AF-tuning my lenses, and still the amount of pictures which are critically sharp is under par...which brings me to think that either the AF-module of some camera's does not work properly or the assembly of some camera's makes them more sensitive to vibrations (which would explain the new mirror and shutter mechanism in the D800).

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