Lightroom 1, Aperture 0 ?

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Re: Lightroom 1, Aperture 0 ?

Michael Jardine wrote:

A Chinese proverb states "One foot cannot stand on two boats." Apple tried this for some time with Aperture, their professional photography workflow app, and with iPhoto, their simple viewer and editor.

I use LR 5.5 and PSE 9 and am pretty happy with them. I do wish LR was a bit snappier in operation, but it is still quite usable and a big improvement over my workflow a few years ago using PS CS2 and Bridge.

I wonder if your comment above about the Chinese proverb and Apple might also apply a bit to Adobe? LR on one side and then PS/Bridge and PSE/Organizer on the other. Actually, sort of one foot on three boats.

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