Is This (M+22mm) My Travel Camera?

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Re: Is This (M+22mm) My Travel Camera?

cedrec wrote:

MMACory wrote:

My friendly retailer has the EOS M in stock with the 22mm lens. Could that be "it" for travel and street?

This is a personal question that will depend on your needs. For me, personally, I would either want a normal prime, or a standard zoom if this was going to be my do-all travel camera. I would also want whatever my "one lens" was to be compact - moreso than the current 18-55 zoom. Pancakes preferred.

Canon apparently has a patent pending on an 18-40mm pancake zoom (it's slow, though, and lacks IS). Honestly, though, if I wanted a MILC with an APS-C sensor and a pancake standard zoom to be my do-all travel camera, I'd probably opt for the Sony NEX-6 or a6000, which comes with a pancake 16-50mm zoom that even has IS. The NEX-6 is $200 more expensive than the fire-sale EOS-M, but it has a viewfinder, and you can get the Sony camera and pancake zoom today, instead of waiting many years for the pancake EF-M standard zoom.

I've got the NEX-3n with the 16-50mm and the EOS-M with the 22mm.

I like them both but I most often carry my EOS-M

22mm (35mm FF equiv) is a great focal length. I ended up with the M because I could not find anything similar on the Sony for the price of my M.

The EOS-M with the 22mm is more compact than the NEX with the 16-50mm. I use a Dash 20 bag with both and getting the NEX out is a two handed affair but the EOS-M slides out so easily I can get it out of the bag with one hand. 
The 22mm IQ is much better than the sony 16-50.  I know it's comparing apples and oranges (prime versus zoom) but in this case it's comparing apples and a putrid gross rotting orange. That said I love the flexiblilty of 16-50, it's a great idea just a really bad implementation.

I like having sweep panorama on the NEX but it's a really clunky implementation prone to errors or outright failing.  My iphone 5s nails a lot of panoramas that the NEX chokes on.

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