A must have lens for all DX users

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Re: A must have lens for all DX users

Dan_168 wrote:

DAG Photo wrote:

Perfectly sharp, lightweight and dirt cheap, this lens is ideal for evening and indoor photography. Its 35mm focal length is roughly equivalent to the human eye's perspective (on a APS-C sensor).


  • Very sharp
  • Fast - great for low light
  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Cheap
  • Filter thread does not rotate


  • Prone to some purple fringing on high contrast areas when shooting wide open
  • Fixed focal length

If I am shooting with crop sensor, the Sigma 18-35 F1.8 is my "must have" lens.

I would have to agree.  I owned the 35mm F/1.8G for about four years.  Great little lens, sharp, amazing IQ for the price.  My main complaint is that it was too narrow in field of view for a walk around prime (for me), and thus didn't actually get much use.

Then I bought the 18-35.  Direct testing indicated it was superior to the 35mm F/1.8G in all respects.  Better sharpness wide open across the image.  Better sharpness stopped down.  CA control is vastly superior (minimal LoCA wide open vs the 35mm where it was significant).  There was no area where the little 35mm was competitive except weight, bulk and price.

I ended up selling my 35mm.  Unless compact size is a priority (and if so, why are you shooting with a DSLR, vs something else like a Sony RX100?), I just don't see the point.  My 18-35 is superior to my 35mm in virtually every optical category, *and* it allows you to zoom out.   I cannot express sufficiently how useful the ability to zoom out is when shooting indoors, at least for me.

IMO, I'd get the 35mm only if you can't afford the 18-35mm (which is 4x as expensive, at least in the US), or if you can't stand the bulk/weight.  I've never had a situation before where a new lens so completely dominated an old gem like this, but it happened, at least with my copies.

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