Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: In camera GPS convenient but incomplete

K E Hoffman wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

It will update the clock.. I doubt very much it updates the timezone.

When I travel to another timezone, my a77 automatically set the time to the local time.

Curious how it calculates this, and how accurate it is in some areas near zones etc.

That would involve the storing and updating of detailed geographical boundaries etc.

If it does not have this information, it will not be able to set the time to local time.

The camera requires you to set the time yourself the first time according to the manual. SO my assumption was and it would work.. that it would easily correct small drifts in time without knowing timezone.. but since some people have confirm it does this cool

GPS uses UTC time..

Yes, but irrelevant here. We are talking about the time which is stored in EXIF and shown in the camera.

Not irrelevant.. as a matter of fact I can see many reasons to encode UTC. Can I keep the camera from changing time zone on me?

Now you want it to NOT track timezone changes? Well, okay. UTC is just another name for Greenwich time. Tell your camera (you have the A77, right?) you live in England, set the clock to Greenwich time, then turn off GPS Auto Time Correction. That oughta work.

Now you don't want the GPS at all? Well Okay.. What I am saying is that if the GPS time correction is a feature one values, but you want to use UTC (trust me there are plenty of reasons for this having to do this including the fact that some organizations use it or to coordinated work done globally etc. Say photos of solar event etc. IE Sony should have give you location correction off..

ITs not a giant issue.. but it could be for some kinds of work.. You would not be someone who discounts someone else's value of a feature would you?

I am not. I just observed that as soon as you were told that the A77 does something you assumed it didn't do (and implied that represented a disadvantage), you immediately asked for it to also do the opposite thing. We do seem to want a lot from our cameras, just in case.

Note in several posts I have clearly said I see why people value GPS.. so why not also see why some would want GPS and UTC? Its pretty common with astronomy people, radio operators, pilots and military.. etc.

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