Should the new Sony FF E-mount forum include RX1?

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Re: 12 to 2 in favour of a move for the RX1

James Sherman wrote:

Why? While I had my RX1, I had nothing in common with the others in the forum. They were dealing with the unique problems/abilities of cameras with relatively tiny sensors. I certainly didn't share that. I was constantly flipping back and forth between there and here, as I suspect most of the RX1 owners were. Then the A7 family started to come out and it got a lot worse. IMHO, Sony marketing are idiots for naming the thing in such a down-market way. It's a top of the line camera and deserves to be among its peers. I applaud the move!

Perhaps you misunderstood me, but I agree in principle with everything you just wrote. I don't own an A7 nor an RX1; just trying to facilitate a bit. As I said I advocated strongly on the old NEX forum to get the new RX1 attached to the NEX forum, in anticipation of exactly what you described. Best luck to you all, RX1-ers.,  A7-ers etc.

The A7 series don't have enough lenses and the Rx1's are too expensive. Most buyers are still opting for the much cheaper and more practical fixed lens APSC Fuji X100s and very soon, the cheaper X200 with a Bayer sensor.

Now I'm going to forget about all of that and get back to my poor-mans' cameras, the Sony APS-C series.

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