Should the new Sony FF E-mount forum include RX1?

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Re: 12 to 2 in favour of a move for the RX1

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DPR Administrator Simon has stated to our Mod. Marti, that this forum will be split up. He also mentioned his interest in the question about RX1 F.F. fixed-lens cameras being moved over to the new full-frame partition which will already contain all of the Sony A7 models.

Discussion re: RX1 ?

I'm awaiting the flame war...

When Simon looks into it he will probably decline. Right now it's just an idea.

12 to 2 in favour of moving the RX1 (to a FF Sony forum together with the A7 series) on the Cybershot forum right .

Very good. Try doing the same poll on the Cyber-shot forum?

It's on the Cyber-shot forum. See

Why would RX100 and RX10 users care? And why wouldn't RX1 users prefer to be in a FF forum?

Thanks for that. I was not aware that this poll was taking place on the Cyber-shot forum. And so far, it is 81.3% of RX1 owners voting in favor of splitting from the Cyber-shot forum and joining up with the A7 FF cameras into a brand new full-frame Sony forum!

Quite surprised at this.

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