Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: In camera GPS convenient but incomplete

cplunk wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

cplunk wrote:

Been there and done that, much prefer the A77 / A99 in camera GPS.

These only work as well as the clocks are sync'd, which becomes an issue especially if you are moving fast enough.

So if you get one of these GPS loggers, make sure you have a way to sync the camera time with it.

And if you go to the other side of the world and don't update the timezone, it gets interesting. With the GPS on the A77 / A99, the timezone updates itself, and sets the clock.

It will update the clock.. I doubt very much it updates the timezone. That would involve the storing and updating of detailed geographical boundaries etc. GPS uses UTC time.. infact the GPX log files are all encoded in UTC with a simple time zone offset in the file that can be edited say if you updated your camera time zone but then didn't update your GPS timezone. Then you change one number and import the file.

It does.

Turn the GPS time correction on and reset the "Area Setting", then go outside and wait for the GPS to lock.

OK.. will try that.. wonder if its global or just key markets.. or if GPS system is updated to send info on that.


When I start using a GPS device.. I will probably just set my camera time to UTC and call it good. I am not ready to shoot globally even if doing so from a fast moving jet crossing over AZ or Indian..

There is a good article here about it.. http://mulita.com/blog/?p=4516

On the other hand... phone based GPS can pull TIME zone off the cell tower network IF you have a phone service account which you don't need to use the GPS.

I totally understand why and how some people use GPS and that is important. But is it important enough to adapt.. Sony should offer an ugly GPS add on like Canon and Nikon.. but I wouldn't touch it because the alternatives are better.

I don't like the alternatives, and yes, I already know how they all work and have used them before. I have a Sony GPS-CS1, and used it traveling before I bought the A77. I always had issues with it, and was glad to see the GPS built into the A77, one of the reasons I bought it.

Aside from the timezone issue, which always screws with me when it GMT + more than 8 (being in US Pacific time, GMT -8, I always seem to get confused trying to add a day), there is the synchronization issue. Camera clocks aren't terribly accurate on their own, and on a train ride (third world style, with open windows) or in the back of a truck (put a bench on each side and now it's a bus), you can move pretty far in a short period of time, shifting that position off quite a bit.

FACT based on everything I know in the camera market.

We will all be upgrading to DSLR Style cameras without GPS.. its not built in on any new models that I can see.

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<
Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

I don't have to adapt, it's a camera, I can resist, and not upgrade. Saves me some money, keeps one feature I want to have. Decreases Sony's sales, if only by a highly insignificant amount. A camera like the A99 oughta work for many, many years if taken care of. I'd be satisfied if they offered some shoe mount GPS, and might even buy it to go with my NEX-6, if they have the firmware on that to work with it.

That is where we are different.   If it looks like any of the other shoe mount GPSs I don't want it.  If they do a small one.. I would look at it.. but still like the GPS with Voice tags as a tool I am thinking of getting even with the A77.

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<
Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

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