why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

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Re: why are "some" people so insulting and rude on this forum?

blue_skies wrote:

ianbrown wrote:

I know this will go down like a led ballon, so I have put my tin hat on and I am ready for the insults, but it has to be said.

Interesting thread - you stirred up a hornets' nest, with the mods chiming in

I have noticed lately that this forum gets very defensive when someone shares perhaps what's perceived as a negative opinion on a particular camera.

Well, check their total number of posts as well as their dpreview join date. Everyone under a 100 posts, or under a couple of months is by nature suspicious as to their intent and reasons for posting.

Then, for those that have been around here long enough - a user forum should be about constructive help on how to solve a problem, understand an issue. This forum has been on high alert for a long time now by having been put on the defense over and over again by non-Sony users, to state it mildly.

That creates extra sensitivity to new posts and posters, especially if they are in the 'deja vu' scenario.

I admit I am a gear head, but I also take thousands of photographs all over the world and although I have had many cameras it doesn't give people the right to be rude.

People are not rude to 'normal' posters. People are rude to 'provocative' posters. In a way, you get what you ask for. Smile and move on. If it happens to you, check your phrasing.

I don't understand why "some people" who have nothing to add the the thread in question to give a barrage of insults, why don't they just ignore the post.

Because each post, in a larger context, is another 'nail in the coffin'. Reactions are justified in a grander scale of things, especially if (negative) actions seem to be coordinated. Even without conspiracy theories, there is a lot of normal human defenses kicking in. The next post may get an unwarranted response, but can sound like an old post in disguise - so the debate continues.

Forums are for help, healthy debate and discussion points and fan boys should resist making derogatory comments.

I wish that were true. People post for all sorts of reasons. Dpreview is not that bad, in general. And most of the inflammatory stuff comes down to a smaller group of users - not a general crowd behavior.

I really don't get why people are so defensive about a brand of camera.

Because they made a choice and don't want to be proven wrong. This actually counts more for non-Sony users posting here than for Sony users, lol.

Brand loyalty is nice but it shouldn't be at the expense of insulting others who may share a different opinion.

Really? If you purchase a mercedes, and everyone keeps telling you it is a p-o-s, would you change your tone? What if you find out that all these others are bmw drivers, just wanting to appear better? Would you keep defending your choice, or go and become more aggressive to their posting and their reasons as to why? I mean, why would bmw drivers post on mercedes forums to begin with?

Sorry if this sounds harsh but I am sick of "some people" spouting off with opinionated views that border on insulting people, after all it's only a camera! just because it's not the one you own doesn't give anyone the right to attack other forum members.

Again, you get what you ask for - in a general sense. And non-Sony users coming with claims and facts without any proof (or pictures) just adding to the fodder, disbelieves and hypes that are out there spoil the entire forum experience. Like the mods state, there are complaint buttons, but they do not seem overly used or overly effective. Use the 'ignore user' button, it helps you filter.

However the vast majority are very helpful and give good advise, and they are worth there weight in gold.

What happened to the old user ratings? Or rate users by the number of likes that they receive - it would help a little in filtering what is and what is not.


And everyone has good and bad days. I guess that the guy that just won the lottery posts friendlier than the guy that just had a car crash on the way to work.

Good posts get rewarded, bad posts do not. Such is life...

Generally, posts that ask questions seem to get friendly responses, and posts (and responses) that provoke get, well, seem to get, and deserve, more hostile feedback.

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Very wise, let's try to remember this interesting thread.


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