Sony should make a FF camera capable of 8-11 fps, to compete with 1DX / D4s

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Re: I detect a troll

Lassoni wrote:

The way I see it, translucent is good for action, but part of the action is having a somewhat usable ISO performance, which I've tried to say cannot be obtained with translucent on a APS-C sensor.

That is just wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong.

Ive seen plenty of evidence that the A77II is a good deal better than the A77 for high ISO.  Heck, even the A58 has improved noise performance over the A77.  Thats progress - all of them are much better than the D300 Nikon rigs I used to shoot.

I really don't get this fixation with the SLT 'light loss".  It really is not relevant - and the gains achieved from the technology more than out way any perceived shortcomings.

A77ii and the A99 before it, prove that decent high ISO performance is achievable.

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