In camera OIS versus lens OIS

Started Jun 25, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: An honest question

Christof21 wrote:

Anthelix wrote:

I wonder if IBIS couldn't be a way of implementing in cameras tilt/shift. It wouldn't work with any lens, but those which have a large enough image circle would provide us with the advantages of view cameras.
Or maybe I'm dreaming too much and the sensor couldn't move enough to have significant effects...

I see what you mean, it would need even more place in the body... And it would be really complicated

I guess this is just a dream but I am not an expert to answer.

Sensor tilt would probably work with current lenses.

As for the original question: IBIS advantages far exceed OIS' ones on a mirrorless camera with a crappy video mode, but I don't think Fuji has the tech to do it.

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