Nikon D810 shows that EFC is capable on FF 36MP Exmor

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Re: Nikon D810 shows that EFC is capable on FF 36MP Exmor

Timbukto wrote:

Looks like there will be an A7RII. IMO a *far* lighter alternative to the D810 and if it comes with A6000 like AF, will be quite killer.

Interesting however given the release of the 36MP sensor in the D800 and the delay it takes for Sony to use it, I wonder if there is a corporate licensing agreement to allow Nikon some exclusivity to certain tech/features. It seems like such a mishap to have released the A7R without EFC to have the D810 show up months later with it. Nikon could be paying good money for this exclusivity...they certainly get the higher sales.

I hope the A7RII leapfrogs the D810 and has a fully electronic shutter option like my GX7 does.

Then I could use it at plays, recitals, etc. and not let the entire audience know exactly when I'm taking an image . . . .  My A7R is pretty darned loud and "clacky" sounding which makes it worse.  IMHO the shutter sound is the achilles heel of the A7R for many of my intended uses.  The latest batches of A7Rs seem to be a bit quieter than my A7R - so it seems Sony changed some things to help in this regard.  Still the current batches are pretty loud . . . .

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