Should the new Sony FF E-mount forum include RX1?

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Re: Should the new Sony FF E-mound forum include RX1?

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....My prediction is that Rx1 owners will want to be in the same forum more-so than A7 owners want Rx1's in 'their' forum.

I doubt that's a good prediction. But I can only speak for myself and I am an A7 shooter who would love to have the RX1 in the same forum. I'd love to add an RX1, though.

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I predict they will fight tooth and nail to keep it in Cyber-shot. Inconceivable after all this time, to them.

Really?! I admit, I've never posted in that forum a lot (I do own an RX1R), but its always felt to me that the RX1 is the proverbial sore thumb in that forum. All I can say is that it would be welcome to have discussions around both the RX1/R and A7 in the same place as I use them interchangeably.

Let's put the shoe on the other foot, for the moment. Can you imagine the uproar amongst the fine burgers who inhabit this Sony forum if management suddenly announced that they were planning to remove, let's say the A3000 model, from the forum? Even though the forum has few A3000 adherents, this announcement would result in the mightiest hue and cry, heard throughout the length and breadth of forumland!

Yep. And to further their logic, imagine where A7s owners want their own forum to talk strictly about 4k video and better low light capabilities. To use the same logic, they will claim.."do you own a A7s? then who are you to tell us which forum we should be in".... Its the same example as 'only caring about themselves"...sure it makes sense to them. But a forum includes everybody 'related'...its that r word we're debating about. There is always going to be the snobbery here, doesn't mean they should get the top bunk...there should understanding and compromise but theres a certain group whos found to be bias that is far more unwilling to work with others.

Yes, true. And then there's the 'status quo' factor. If DPR had invested the RX1 into OUR forum just when the RX1 was introduced, it would hav been a natural and no one would complain. But after all this time, the RX1 being part of the bricks & mortar of the Cyber-shot P & S group, there would surely be a ojections to removing it at this time.

Why?  I'm an active member of that forum, and most posts (including those from me) are about the three RX100 models. I don't have an RX1 and have no interest in buying one, so I'd have no objection to the RX1 being moved to a Sony FF forum. If I had an RX1, I'd be even keener on it.

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