Best And Worst Lens Cleaners We Tested

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Re: Best And Worst Lens Cleaners We Tested

I received close to the same warnings when I bought my glasses with every coating I could by on them. Then when I was given a cleaning kit I noticed that alcohol was the only active ingredient. When questioned I was told that 60% alcohol which is commonly sold as alcohol is too strong but the percentage in the solution they sold is ok. I guess the real lesson is do not trust people who will be putting your oney in their pockets. I noticed highe end (high cost) optics cleaners are green, no alcohol. I am looking for what lense manufacturers recommend. Then again if they are wrong you have to buy new lens, What to do?

Cut and pasted from Nikon "Wipe with a soft, clean cotton cloth moistened with alcohol to remove
grease or fingerprints from the lens surfaces.
If you use ether in cleaning the lens, a smudge sometimes appears on the surface of a
multi-coated lens. If this happens, wipe it again with a cotton cloth moistened with

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