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I would let Lightroom do the cropping. Crop one image, sync the crop to all other images and go get a coffee while it is working. To me storage savings are the only reason for crop mode (+ higher frame rates but I basically never need them).

You are assuming, all the images need the exact same crop.

Well, when you choose to let the camera apply the DX crop, it will also always be the exact same crop for all images: dead centered relative to your framing.

The point is that the viewfinder gets masked with a DX box, so you can frame the image within that DX box quite easily, without the need for cropping after the fact.

And you can enable gridlines that give you the DX box even when shooting FX. Whether you shoot with the gridlines or the DX box shouldn't make any difference. In effect there is zero difference in regard to framing and the placement of the crop whether you shoot DX or FX and 'manually' apply a  DX centre crop.

Shooting with DX gives you faster frame rates and smaller files (and less processing power needs because the computer doesn't have to do the cropping), and I have used the DX crop mode for both of those reasons but these are really the only hard and fast reasons (metering very likely will be different because shooting DX will ignore what is happening outside the DX crop but in the situations when I used DX crop, I was shooting under controlled conditions with manual exposure).

The only way you could mass crop in post processing is if you subject did not move at all during your shoot.

Or if you framed while shooting, using the gridlines, as if you were shooting DX.

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