Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

K E Hoffman wrote:

Try it without spot focus.. IE shooting in low light where you don't remove 78 of the AF points..

I think someone else made a goodpoint that with the expanded focus area etc.. the old light really might not serve the user well and you have to build towards people with less tech understanding of the details like using spot focus for a feature that is suppose to be pretty much automatic.

I'm not sure I'd trust any camera to focus where I wanted it to for that shot in any mode other than spot - maybe I'm just a luddite (with GAS)

also try it with the flash based focus assist. I would think for what you shot since you already committed to flash that would have worked well.

The flash focus assist won't work without the popup flash on - and you don't want that when using off camera flash with radio triggers.

If you have developed a low light strategy and know to spot focus and ignore all the other AF abilities.. the light is clearly a loss for you.

It's not a loss in that it's less convenient or I had an emotional attachment to the AF light or anything - it's a loss that's already meant I've missed shots and has indirectly caused a young lady to bruise her coccyx

I can understand why people are mourning the loss of GPS but can't understand why the loss of the AF light is getting less attention (which is why people are having to put up with me ranting on about it - sorry )

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