Olympus XZ-2 problem

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Re: Olympus XZ-2 problem

Mike, many apologies. I was not getting at you at all. I am sure that I have seen a thread somewhere about this problem with comments that the firmware update will fix the problem, or that the operator set the camera wrongly or nudged something. It was clearly not in this thread because I too have searched again and not found such comments. So once again, apologies for the obvious offense my comments generated.

Only a couple of days ago I had another strange event with the XZ-1. Here in SW France I was shooting the lighting of a bonfire to celebrate some saint or other. It was 10.30 in the evening, the camera was at ISO 800, single centre focusing and single shot mode, and auto white balance. The colour was what I would expect then for no reason, and the EXIF data shows no change, the colour of two subsequent images went totally all over red, then returned to what I had previously on later images. They were only snapshots of no significance, but this and the double shots business leaves me wondering what other unexpected tricks this camera has waiting for me to discover.

Ken from the UK now living in SW France

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