Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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You could probably google the step-pyramid lol.

Like I said I have no uses for knowing the exact coordinates of a location. I visited some newly excavated tombs in Sohag (there you go I remember the name of the place) and took a few pictures there. I shared it with my friends and family and all they cared was it was in Egypt/"near" Cairo. No one knew where Sohag was had or any interest in knowing the exact coordinates (neither do I as the picture is for memories not to analyse the hell out its location). For my uses the city's name is as much granularity as I want.

At the same time I never said GPS was useless. I was under the impression it used battery but it seems like its negligible. I can think of a few uses myself like while organising pictures. It just isn't a deciding feature for me (neither is wifi/nfc, articulating screen etc). But I appreciate it may be deciding features for you.

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