Olympus XZ-2 problem

Started Mar 28, 2014 | Discussions thread
Ken Croft Senior Member • Posts: 1,739
Re: Olympus XZ-2 problem

Mine has sometimes taken two shots right from new about two months ago. It still does it from time to time but it does not bother me. I already posted to this effect some time ago What bothers me more are the comments suggesting that it is all our fault for setting the camera wrongly and I suspect that is why Olympus refuse to accept that the problem is real. You too-clever know-it-alls are doing us XZ-2 owners no favours. I can assure you that my camera just does it randomly without my help. And for the record it did it before firmware V1.3 and after it. So please cut out the smart-ass comments. They are not helpful.

Ken from the UK now living in SW France

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