No EFCS for 36 MP a99ii?

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Re: No EFCS for 36 MP a99ii?

contax4ever wrote:

Some think that like the a7r, a 36 MP A-mount body might be precluded from having EFCS. What's the engineering challenge there

The newly announced Nikon D810 has a FF 36MPixel sensor with EFCS. So the challenge has been solved. The question is has Nikon given a period of time to use this tech exclusively...

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Indeed it seems no particular barrier. What a shame for a7r users that they didn't get EFCS. This 810 is a nice Mark II version and a consolidation of Nikon's Hi-Res full frame bodies (two SKUs into one). It should lead Sony to go ahead and get a 36 megapixel version of the a99 out as soon as possible. It really would not need any other enhancement besides the 36 megapixels. I know that many want a wider AF area. But the AF-D technology is sort of a consolation. I actually hope Sony does not abandon it. Remember that one advantage of that technology is driving purchase of Sony's own lenses. I do not think under any circumstance that Sony would not add Wi-Fi. They would get killed for having a $3000 camera these days without it. It looks like the downside to that may be a loss of GPS. Remember with this Mark II, the body shell is going to be carried over. So changes have to be minimal. The upside is carryover use of vertical grip and L plates, etc.

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