Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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The thing is, although some of us like it for travel, there are other uses. Let me give you an example. I live in the central valley of California. This is farm land and like most farm land, is criss crossed by a grid of farm roads. I enjoy shooting barns, out buildings, old farm equipment etc. Frequently, in my meandering, I come across something I'd like to come back to when light is better. So I take a reference shot and put it in a folder reserved for just such shots. Now when I get the urge to go out for a sunrise shoot, I have a selection of spots, and coordinates so I can find them again.

If I may get up on my soap box for a moment, What I find frustrating about these "feature discussions" is that so many people seem to think that if they find a feature useless, then it is indeed useless. That could be said about just about anything but the shutter button. (everybody uses that one) . I don't use program mode. Gone. I don't use MSNR or Twilight hand held. Gone . Heck, I never use exposure lock. Gone. You may not use AEB or in body focus limiter or auto ISO in M mode. Gone? But I use those things.

For those of you making proclamations that any given feature is useless to you and therefore should be useless to every one, others are probably saying the same about that must have feature that you love so much.

Of all the features to get exorcised about, GPS costs virtually nothing to implement and if you don't want it, turn it off.  Poof! It's gone

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