X100T - what would be on your wish list?

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Re: X100T - what would be on your wish list?

bs1946 wrote:

An optical only rangefinder viewfinder that manual focuses like a Leica when the camera is in manual focus.. With the LCD off, a lot of the delay that people complain about would be gone. If you want to see the EVF version of the shot, use the LCD.

A real manual focus ring and DOF scale on the lens; otherwise leave the lens alone; F2 works just fine.

WiFi that works easily, turn it on, pick a WiFi network and communicate with any device on the network

Nice idea with a real rangefinder, but how much are you willing to pay extra for these additional mechanical parts that also need to be somehow connected to the lens?

How often are you willing to send it to Fuji if the rangefinder needs adjustment after a while?

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