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Re: D800 crop mode

KSV wrote:

Dr Bob wrote:

KSV wrote:

Terrance Vacha wrote:

What really happens with the resolution when a FF camera is used in DX mode? Is the photo taken in FF and then down sampled to get to DX? Or are the outer pixels on the FF sensor ignored in DX mode? My guess would be the latter.

Your guess is right and IMHO cropped mode useless to start with - one always can crop in PP and can for example achieve 1:1 ratio without loosing sides.

KSV, No, wrong again. Crop mode is not useless. I sometimes go to crop mode shooting BIF if I need extra fps and a quicker buffer. The 800 is a bit limiting in fps (but only a bit) and crop mode helps in the odd case where it is needed. I set up my 800E for a one button/one wheel action change to crop mode.

Andy - use proper tool for proper job.

I do. I use the D800E as I said. The best Nikon body on the market at the moment for low light birds.

If you need faster FPS then you can find plenty of DSLR on market that can do much faster then D800. Using D800 in crop mode is like buying Ferrari and never drive it faster then 40 km/hr.

Rubbish. I use a D800E because it is the best on the market for what I do. Plenty of fast bodies around yes, but not with the resolution.

I would understand when you need fast FPS very occasionally and make a use of DX mode to speed it up.

If you had bothered to read my post, you would see that that I only use crop mode in the 'odd' case, so why then do you tell me to use the proper tool for the proper job.

But if you need it constantly you definitely need other tool. FWIF I have D700 for number of years and remember using DX only once wham I bought it, just out of curiocity. Why I would buy expensive FX model and use it like much cheaper DX one? IMHO defy purpose.

Though whatever rocks your boat.

Have you really got such a chip on you shoulder about the D800E? In another post you said that the only benefit of the 36mp was printing large - which is not true, and then criticised my technique when I dared to pose a different point. Now you criticise me for using crop mode for the 'odd' shot and tell me to use a proper tool for a proper job! You clearly have no understanding of the benefits of the D800E as I assume you have never used one in the field for any reasonable length of time in areas of photography that are outside your normal interest. Please get your facts right before you criticise others. I think my photos show that I know what I am doing!

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