Should the new Sony FF E-mount forum include RX1?

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Re: Should the new Sony FF E-mound forum include RX1?

Section10 wrote:

pixelpushing wrote:

Section10 wrote:

My choice weighed heavily between the A7 and the Rx1r. Being an "RX'...or 'cybershot' is more a marketing decision than a reality. It practically sits alone in that forum...

The likely take is:

Yes because their both Sony mirrorless Full Frame

No because it's not an e-mount, it might 'clutter' our precious A7 opinions.

The snark is unnecessary and non-conducive to cohabitation.

If this is 'snark' to you perhaps we need a separate forum for the overly sensitive. I listed 2 likely opinions. Find some hole to crawl in and blame it for being insensitive.

It's your mantra, that FF folks are 'biased' and 'elitist' for wanting their own forum. But I see you're willing to allow for a FF forum when your RX1 is mentioned for inclusion.

Ah, the wonders of hypocrisy.

....My prediction is that Rx1 owners will want to be in the same forum more-so than A7 owners want Rx1's in 'their' forum.

If we can take a break from the distorted logic rants and contrary, combative attitude, I'd say the RX1 would be a welcome addition.

How about taking a break from having to respond to my every post instead of whining.

So we agree about the tone of your every post.

My prediction is based on the same notion that some members are heavily biased towards their own opinion.

And you're the exception, I take it.

This proved to be true. I remember you complaining about the results so no pretending like it never happened.

Complain? No, the 3:1 poll mirrors my feelings on the matter. The demographic poll showed that non-FF owners had a high percentage of 'NO SPLIT'. At one point, Crop-Only had more no votes than yes. You have to wonder where someone gets off, telling others where they can or can't hang their forum hat, is my thought. You obviously differ on that point.

In case you haven't heard, they're splitting the forums.

From the amount of carrying on you're still doing about it, did you?

As i recall, you also critiqued people that didn't own an A7 having an opinion as to which forum they should be on. How's your Rx1?

So lemme get this straight: I shouldn't point out the irony of non-A7 owners dictating whether A7 owners get their own forum... But I can't talk about the RX1 being let in to a Sony FF forum...Even though I support the idea and am open to you being in there (imagine!).


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