Loss of GPS in the NEW A77II

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Re: The myth of the battery hungry GPS once again!

Allan Olesen wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

nandbytes wrote:

SLT (and mirrorless especially) already have less battery life than a traditional DSLR. So if I am on travel and need to conserve battery guess what gets turned off first. the GPS...

In the Canon 6D, the GPS is turned on, even when the camera is off. It will drain the battery in 5 days.

It is true that the Canon 6D will leave the GPS running even when you turn the camera off. However you can go into the menus and disable it, and that turns it off completely. You can make a custom menu setting for easier access to turn it on or off, which is not the best possible way to do things, but much more convenient than the regular menu. In any case you can disable the Canon 6D GPS.

Are you sure you understood the point of my example?

A 6D with GPS constantly turned on gives us some numbers for the battery drain from an in-camera GPS. That it can be turned off is irrelevant for those numbers.

Okay, I understand, I was just saying that the fact that the 6D does have GPS that stays on when it's shut off doesn't mean it can't be disabled entirely. A spare battery wouldn't be that big of a deal - to ME, I'm not you or anyone else.

I have the Canon GPS that fits into the hotshoe of my 7D and while it won't drain the battery of the camera, it sure makes the camera even bigger!

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