Should the new Sony FF E-mount forum include RX1?

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Re: Should the new Sony FF E-mound forum include RX1?

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Section10 wrote:

....My prediction is that Rx1 owners will want to be in the same forum more-so than A7 owners want Rx1's in 'their' forum.

I doubt that's a good prediction. But I can only speak for myself and I am an A7 shooter who would love to have the RX1 in the same forum. I'd love to add an RX1, though.

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I predict they will fight tooth and nail to keep it in Cyber-shot. Inconceivable after all this time, to them.

Really?! I admit, I've never posted in that forum a lot (I do own an RX1R), but its always felt to me that the RX1 is the proverbial sore thumb in that forum. All I can say is that it would be welcome to have discussions around both the RX1/R and A7 in the same place as I use them interchangeably.

I don't know, Look at the front page of the Cybershot forum. How many posts (out of 60) do you see related to Rx1. I see 3. 3/60. Nearly everyone is related to rx100, the rest is random cybershots.

I would post things about rx1 and days later essentially get a teenager complaining his W800 button is sticking.

I share a lot more knowledge with A7, rx1, NEX members of the forum. I don't know why other rx1 members would want to keep it there, every comparison/question would most likely be answered by those in the e-mount forum. Tough call.

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