S. Africa Safari Camera Decisions - Sony NEX-6/RX10/RX100

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Re: S. Africa Safari Camera Decisions - Sony NEX-6/RX10/RX100

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Jabba23 wrote:

As this is a holiday and not a photo safari then I would just bring the RX cameras and be done with it. You don't want to be changing lenses while out in the field and yes there is dust everywhere in some of these parks. What parks will you be going to by the way? Chobe is a giant dust bowl with water.
Bring a power board or 2 and an adaptor rather than a bag of adaptors and not enough power points.
I'm assuming that you are taking the action can for the shark cage diving?
Is that already booked or will you be booking when you get down there?
I would alternate with your partner while diving and someone get up on the viewing platform on the top of the boat to take phbulk of the shark when then lure it near the cage. I'm hoping you get clear waters for that fantastic experience!
Which of your 3 cameras has the best low light ability with what lens combination? We were super lucky and got photos of a leopard lazing on the ground after sundown but you really want to have that low light ability. My Nex-5n with kit 18-55 was not quite enough on the long end.
You want more than the kit but as I said this is just a holiday for you so you don't want to be tied down with gear so the RX-10 gives you the best reach for the least bulk.

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Darren Krusi

What power board do you recommend? I have a 8000mah battery back I can bring but I've also got 8 batteries for the NEX/RX10 and 4 for the RX100. I was thinking about maybe picking up one of those larger 10,000Mah solar battery packs both to keep things charged on the long flights, day trips and safari.

The NEX-6 should be the best low light camera with the larger sensor but I have a feeling that the results against the RX10 should be nearly identical.

Did you use a flash at all? I've been thinking about grabbing the Sony NEX Flash HVLF20M

Powerboard as in what you plug everything into and then plug into the power socket at the wall. Power can be few and far between in Africa and if you are with other people on a tour and such you will be jostling for that power point. Africa was the last place I did such a thing and now I just take a 6 point powerboard and have no issues, the only thing you need to watch out for is some points may not have an earth socket so maybe take a board without an earth socket/pin on it.

My powerbrick isn't very big but it is enough to charge my camera and my phone once, they are definitely something to have with you and a solar powered one would have been great when I was on the Okavango delta as I would have shot with it more rather than trying to preserve batteries.

Looking forward to seeing your shots when you get back regardless of what you decide to take with you.

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Darren Krusi

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