Getting used to the XZ-2

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Re: Elliot

Hello Elliot,

You don't have the rest of your life to learn how to focus a camera because that lovely camera you are holding now will be utterly obsolete in a year maybe two.

Focus cannot be fixed in PP unless you get a Lyttro ?? thingy.I chuckled long and hard at another post where you challenged that unless an image was shot small sensor handheld no tripod jpeg etc it was not a fair comparison.

Well mate one of the first things you did was post comparison wide angle shots of the Stylus vs the Sony...sensor???

You are really impressed by the 2.8 aperture well even against APSC it means nothing.

The following shot was at 300mm focal length wide open on a lens at 4.8 aperture

12800 ISO JPEG

As much as I love this lens and camera a Canon EOS 5Dmk3 with a 70-300L at 5.6 wide open will trounce it.

Don't take my word for it try it out next time you are at B&H.Lucky sod.

Talking about roof tiles this was this afternoon, glorious sunset

jpeg SOOC

and this was the Raw image, I got to decide what the scene was going to look  like not the camera's microprocessor

And this one is a raw capture from an obsolete Canon G9 , the raw image data massaged by a New Raw converter taking advantage of the latest software. The fish is about 2" long .

Good luck with your decision , the Stylus 1 is a fine camera in its class.

Oh and I forgot to mention the roof tiles had a filter on the Lens ...window glass



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