Nex5n Owner bought an A7, shutter speed question

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Re: Nex5n Owner bought an A7, shutter speed question

D Cox wrote:

ksarkar77 wrote:

I am posting it on the main thread although I have posted the result on the child thread.

I did some test today as per the suggestion from the other posters. Manual mode, F 3.5, ISO 3200, Spot Metering, straight JPEG out of camera. Still A7 is registering slower shutter speed compared to 5N. What is going on here guys???

What is going on is that you are fretting over trivial differences. There is no practical difference between 1/8 and 1/10.

If it was 1/8 and 1/100, then it would be interesting.

Bear in mind that lenses of different design transmit slightly different amounts of light at the same f number. This is why cinematographers use T stops. I doubt if T stops are necessary now we have digital photography, which allows easy adjustment of exposures in post processing.

Hi D Cox,

I was thinking that I would get double the shutter speed compared to 5 N because full frame

supposed to have 1 stop advantage over APSC. So, whatever shutter speed I am getting is pretty much correct?



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