For GH fans, and interesting read.

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Re: For GH fans, and interesting read.

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Interesting, especially as I plan to buy a GH4 when I can get one here in the UK.

My one query is that Kirk seems to be suggesting that changing colour temperature in RAW files degrades IQ to some extent.

Surely this isn't the case? Or did I misunderstand?

Change of WB is a form of PP and as any PP it degrades IQ to some extent.

If lighting has very strong color cast, the WB adjustments artifacts might become quite visible.

The problem with WB is that there is no choice but to apply it.

In-camera white balance has absolutely no effect on RAW files, except insofar as it tells compatible RAW converters what settings to apply when the image is first loaded.

I think what he was trying to say is that the WB you set in camera will affect t the exposure to some extent and that an optimum WB will give optimum exposure and so less correction required in post by way of shadow lifting etc so less image degradation from such correction

No. What I'm saying is that though WB doesn't affect the RAW, it does affect the JPEG.

You are NEVER EVER seeing the RAW - you are always looking at the RAW developed with some parameters.

The development parameters - of which WB is a part - might require more headroom from the RAW than available, thus leading to the lower IQ of the final result.

This is obvious. If you think about it. I was wondering about this mantra "WB doesn't affect IQ at all" before. Then once I tried to recover an image, ISO 1600, soft, more or less successful shot - but with nasty purple color cast (dance pool, corporate party). It looked OK-ish with the parameter applied during the shot - but as soon as I started fiddling with the WB, the image literally disintegrated before my eyes. Trying to bringing back some life-like colors to the faces (move WB to warmer colors) was literally impossible because there was too much blue color captured - but not enough red and even less green.

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