Better Idea? Getting an LAEA2 Adapter or get an A58 or similar for A-mount?

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Re: Better Idea? Getting an LAEA2 Adapter or get an A58 or similar for A-mount?

I have a LA-EA2 (with Phase Detection AF TLM) with an NEX6.
The adapter is very efficient where I don't notice any significant shortage of battery life, and since the battery is very small in physical size, I do carry 2 more batties as spares for travel. I have never had to replace a battery though in a typical outing that includes about 200~300 shots in daylight. Having an external flash for night photography does help greatly with battery life too, instead of using the slow cycling on-board flash of the NEX6.
Overall, for any manual or partially manual setup photography, as well as fully automated Alpha settings, the camera operation is not at all limited, and even with the adapter, using any of the older Minolta or new Alpha lens, the results are just as good as my Alpha A65.
I think the biggest caveat with the E-mount system (NEX Series) is the lack of In-Body-Image Stabilization "Steady Shot"
The in-body Image Stabilization is make EVERY single non-IS lens from the past, shoot with IS on every full-body Alpha A series.
HOWEVER, Lenses such as Sigma 880 Series (older version of 883) 18-250mm for the Alpha, does have "optical OSS" built-into the lens, and it does function well on the LA-EA2 with NEX6. I use this setup mostly and it really has eliminated the need for the A65 these days.
A some of the higher end Tamron and Sigma f2.8 series do retain the in-lens OSS/VC for the Sony Alpha application as well, so if you do get into high-end lenses, there are still choices to retain the OSS/VC with some careful selection of lenses with image stabilization.
So it isn't an economical choice as LA-EA2 is expensive, but for me, I do find that combination of Sigma 880 (18-250mm with OSS) with LA-EA2, and ability to use all of my older Minolta AF lenses very flexible.
And, to be able to detach the LA-EA2 lens rig to go back to a small body profile with kit 18-50 or a fixed manual 1.8 50 and 28mm...
It's quite convenient...
A small bag to carry all this, and if desired, to make it really small, and leave the rest at the hotel/car.  And no need to carry extra chargers, and other devices to accommodate two different bodies this way.
It's serving my needs of a traveler.

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