Spyder4 Pro vs Spyder4 Express

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Re: Spyder4 Pro vs Spyder4 Express

morel22 wrote:

Ok I recalibrated with lights off (almost a completely dark room)..

Spyder labeled the ambient light as very low. And it gave the message that this level is appropriate for prepress image editing..

It recommended the targets 90cd/m2 and 5000k for the white point.

Correct. Personally I turn on only a small light source so that the light levels are somewhere between low and medium (remember not to have the light source in your field of view and it shouldn't be directed at the monitor to avoid glare and lowering of the perceived contrast). I calibrate and profile for 6500K and 120cd/m2. Reset your monitor settings to factory defaults, make sure it's set to 6500K white point, don't touch the contrast setting and regulate only the Brightness control and RGB gain to achieve the smallest deltaE of your white point and target brightness. After you do that with the Spyder application I'd compare it with Argyll -- I think you should be able to see some improvement in the profile quality.

Which sets me crazy! Is it a bug that it recommended 5000 or when working with such low LCD brightness one has to calibrate for 5000k?

If it's dark the white point is perceived as warmer. Read up on that on color-image.com if you want.

Another question, Spyder sets the new ICC profile as the default profile for the monitor in the color management app in Windows under the "Devices" tab..

What should be selected in the advanced tab under "Wiindows Color System Defaults"?

There are two entries in that section. "Device Profile" and "Viewing conditions profile"...

For the former I have set the Spyder ICC


and for the latter: WCS profile for sRGB viewing conditions..

Correct, providing your target white point during the calibration / profiling was D65 (around 6500K ). The wording is so misleading that I remember I had a problem with this when I first switched from Win XP to Win 8.

The other option for the latter is "WCS profile for ICC viewing conditions"..

This is for D50 (5000K) white point.

And should all the other settings in the other sections in the advanced tab be kept as they are?

I leave them as is (Default rendering: Perceptual, etc.). You may want to go to the bottom of the window and set the System Defaults to the above settings (the WCS for sRGB etc.

I have to say this calibration is starting to get a bit frustrating!

It is a can of worms and there is a lot of conflicting information about it on the web.

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