True that DPP4 does not work with 5DII files?

Started Jun 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
Paul Holman Junior Member • Posts: 39
Re: True that DPP4 does not work with 5DII files?

I work in software development, your emails would end up in my ignore folder as one of those people that demand something for nothing.

That explains your apologist attitude then.

Maybe if you were a professional photographer and had invested in the top of the range camera that cost the same as a new small car, you'd be less happy when the software it's supplied is terrible to use. The usability of DPP was complained about when new and not a lot has improved until now.

So the latest version might be better, but we can't even pay to upgrade to it. It's only if users complain that manufacturers might listen and address our concerns. I think most realise that software developers just ignore people who point out that their products aren't good enough.

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